Light your room for a whole month by using a Potato. (Video)


A crop-based power system coming out of Israel is significantly cheaper than batteries, but why isn’t anyone interested?

As one of the most ubiquitous crops in the world, the potato is poised to feed the entire world. Along the way, scientists discovered that the popular staple of many people’s diets may also have potential to help power it as well.

A couple years ago, researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem released their finding that a potato boiled for eight minutes can make for a battery that produces ten times the power of a raw one.

Using small units comprised of a quarter-slice of potato sandwiched between a copper cathode and a zinc anode that’s connected by a wire, agricultural science professor Haim Rabinowitch and his team wanted to prove that a system that can be used to provide rooms with LED-powered lighting for as long as 40 days.

At around one-tenth the cost of a typical AA battery, a potato could supply power for cell phone and other personal electronics in poor, underdeveloped and remote regions without access to a power grid.

Potato Power Plants

This experiment was conducted by Haim Rabinovitch, professor of science and agriculture. He took potato quarters and placed them between copper cathode and zinc anode, which were connected with wire. He found out that these units can light a room with LED light for up to 40 days.

This information is very useful, especially to the parts in the world where technology is not so develop. This discovery gives them very opportunities and possibilities.


But you wonder why potatoes and no other vegetables? Well there are two reasons why. First, potatoes can grow anywhere in the world, in every possible climate and second you can find them everywhere.

Potato Battery New and Improved Video Reuters


Source: Bare Natural Truth

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